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Matcha Matcha

"Spring Reserve" Ceremonial Grade Signature Tin

"Spring Reserve" Ceremonial Grade Signature Tin

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Introducing our signature tin of ‘Spring Reserve’ matcha. Our Ceremonial grade matcha green tea is made from the first flush of shadegrown, handpicked tea leaves. Grown and masterfully blended in Uji, Japan, this matcha is a true testament to the region’s unrivalled expertise in cultivating the finest quality teas. 

The delicate, full-bodied flavour profile of sweet top notes, followed by savoury umami undertones makes this a perfect matcha for newbies and seasoned matcha drinkers alike! 

Why it tastes so good: 

  • Shadegrown leaves 
  • Sustainably grown with no pesticides 
  • Only uses leaves from the first Spring harvest
  • Premium Ceremonial grade quality 
  • Sourced from Uji, Japan

 25g Net Weight. Approx 15-25 servings per tin depending on desired strength. 

Storage: keep sealed and store in the refrigerator for maximum flavour. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Aluma Ngoh

Love this matcha, I don't have the bamboo whisk so I make it in a mason jar and shake to mix. No clumps in sight even with this method. Tastes great, lasts ages, love it!

Harriet Moore
Great Matcha

High quality, delicious and beautiful packaging!

I've been converted!

Never been a huge green or even tea drinker, but this is the perfect coffee alternative. Keeps me focused without jitters or drop offs. Thank you!

Tom Simpson
Matcha that's fit for a king (or queen)

This Matcha is the real deal. From the moment you pop open that slick tin, you know you're in for a treat. The colour is a mind-blowing emerald green, and the aroma is outta this world.

When you whisk it up, it froths into a velvety smooth foam that's like a cloud in your mouth. The flavor is unlike anything you've ever tasted before. It's earthy, grassy, and slightly sweet, with a hint of bitterness that lingers on the palate like a good memory.

If you're looking for a matcha that's truly special, this is the one. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

P.S. The tin is just as beautiful as the matcha inside. It's the perfect way to keep your matcha fresh and lookin' good.

Gabrielle Gerrard

Best matcha I’ve bought!