A Beginners Guide to Matcha

Matcha has certainly become popular in recent years, but many of you might be thinking okay but what is matcha, why should I be drinking it and even how do I drink it. So today we are going to do a run down of everything you need to know to get started with matcha.

Firstly, What is Matcha?

Unlike loose-leaf green tea, matcha isn't steeped and discarded. It's finely ground green tea leaves, meaning you ingest the whole leaf, resulting in a more concentrated source of nutrients and flavor. Traditionally grown in Japan, matcha is shaded weeks before harvest, boosting its chlorophyll content and creating its distinctive vibrant green colour.

Why Matcha? Unveiling the Benefits

Matcha boasts an impressive list of potential health benefits. Here are a few highlights:
  • Energy Boost: Matcha contains L-theanine, an amino acid that works synergistically with caffeine, promoting sustained energy without the jitters often associated with coffee.
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Matcha is packed with antioxidants, which can help combat cell damage and promote overall well-being (1g Matcha = 1573 units of antioxidants vs 1g of Blueberry which has 93 units!).
  • Focus and Relaxation: L-theanine in matcha may also contribute to improved focus and relaxation, making it a great choice for a mindful morning ritual.

Choosing Your Matcha:

Matcha comes in various grades, each suited for different purposes. Here's a quick breakdown:
  • Ceremonial Grade: The highest quality, perfect for whisking a smooth, frothy matcha latte.
  • Premium Grade: Also for drinking but will likely be less smooth and more bitter.
  • Culinary Grade: Ideal for baking or adding a matcha twist to recipes.

How to Prepare Matcha:

Ready to experience the magic of matcha? Here's what you'll need:
  • Matcha powder: Choose your desired grade.
  • Matcha bowl (chawan): While not essential, a traditional bowl enhances the experience. You can use a bowl or a cup if you do not have one.
  • Whisk (chasen): A bamboo whisk helps create a smooth and frothy matcha drink. Again, this provides the best experience but is not essential. You can also use a milk frother or shake up in a bottle.
  • Sieve: Sifting matcha prevents clumps and ensures a perfect cup.
  • Hot water (around 80°C): Not boiling, to avoid burning the matcha.

The Art of Whisking:

  1. Sift a half teaspoon of matcha powder into your bowl.

  2. Pour a small amount of hot water (around 10ml) and whisk vigorously in a zig-zag motion until a smooth paste forms.

  3. Add the remaining hot water (another 20ml - does not need to be precise) and whisk again until frothy.

Matcha Beyond the Latte:

Matcha's versatility extends beyond lattes. Explore these exciting ways to incorporate matcha into your life:
  • Matcha Smoothies: Blend matcha with your favorite fruits and yogurt for a refreshing and nutritious breakfast.
  • Matcha Baked Goods: Add matcha powder to cakes, cookies, or muffins for a unique twist on classic recipes. You can check out our recipes on the blog.
  • Oats or Chia: Add matcha to your morning oats or chia pudding for an extra health kick.

Matcha is a truly wonderful addition to your daily routine and once you find a matcha that suits you, it’s something to look forward to daily. You can experiment with hot, iced and even soda based matcha to find your perfect match. If you want to give it a go, but not sure whether you’ll like it, our Starter Pouch is a great option that won’t break your bank. Happy matcha making!


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