3 Ways to Prepare Matcha (With and Without Bamboo Whisk)

 You may have just purchased matcha or are considering purchasing and wondering ‘now how do I prepare this??’ Do I need to additional tools before I can enjoy my matcha at home? Is it complicated an time consuming? The short answer is no.In this article we’ll show you 4 different ways to prepare your matcha, including tools you’ll have in the cupboard at home.


1. Bamboo whisk (Chasen in Japanese). This is the traditional way to prepare matcha, and the way we recommend for preparing your matcha for the best result. Add your matcha to a bowl or if you have one, matcha bowl. Add 30ml hot water (pre-boiling/80 degrees) and whisk the mixture using your Chasen, making Z-shaped movements. This prevents any lumps in your matcha and creates a froth. Froth on matcha gives the tea a lighter, smoother texture and a creamier taste.


2. Electric Whisk. Alternatively, if you have a small electric whisk you can use this to prepare your matcha. Simply add the matcha to a mug, add the hot water (again ideally pre-boiling/80 degrees) and whisk briefly. This method should still leave you with a nice froth on your matcha. You could also use a Nespresso milk frother (or similar) - instead of adding the matcha and water to a bowl, put them in the frother, turn it on and let it froth for 30 seconds or so!

3. A jar or bottle. If you don’t have any of the tools above, don’t fret! This last method only requires an old empty (clean) jar or bottle. Just take off the lid, add the matcha and water, put the lid back on firmly and SHAKE. Shake for 20 seconds or so and you should have a smooth matcha mix. This method may not provide the same froth as the previous methods but it should get you started if you don’t have any of the other tools we mentioned.

As you can see, preparing matcha is not complex or time consuming. Having the correct tools goes a long way but you can still get started without them. For full video tutorials see our Instagram @matchamtachauk HAPPY MATCHA MAKING!

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